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Algebra II Textbook

Curriculum Companion for Jumpstart Summer Program

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Suncoast High School is one of the most challenging high schools in the United States. Suncoast's Math, Science, and Engineering (MSE) program is its most challenging, demanding students start their freshman year taking Pre-Calculus. Not only does this require students reach three years ahead of the standardized mathematics track, they must be extremely proficient in Algebra II and Geometry to succeed.

Suncoast hosts MSE Jumpstart each year to ensure students are armed with the necessary tools to succeed. However, students often complained of a lack of strong curriculum structure or reference materials to practice at home.

This 200-page curriculum companion was designed alongside Suncoast professors with the aim to provide students a standard approach to studying Algebra II. It includes 16 chapters, worked examples, hundreds of practice problems, and an accompanying solution manual.

Suncoast reports significant improvement in student performance after the distribution of the book. Students indicate it has been overwhelmingly helpful in being a secondary resource during their transition to high school.

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