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Welcome to the Context app, an innovative platform designed by a team of Vanderbilt University students to enhance classroom interaction and learning experiences. Context is the future of classrooms, large and small, aiming to facilitate more engaging and interactive classroom sessions.

Context aims to solve the challenge of students not getting their questions answered during lectures. Context allows professors to host their slides live; students can join this live lecture and have access to slides. When confused, students can ask a question in a live chat feed collaborated by other students, TAs, and the professor.

Highly-upvoted and long-unanswered questions are marked as Hot and placed on top of the feed to be answered. Anyone can answer a question; AI will also provide an instant summary answer based on the Context of the current slide.

After the lecture, questions are migrated to a forum page where students can continue to ask and answer questions, and see old lecture slides with their associated questions.


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